Saturday, January 28, 2017

Interview With Elisabeth

I'm really excited to bring an extra post to you today.  I had such a fun time sitting down with my friend, Elisabeth Yancy, yesterday and getting her perspective on Stepping Heavenward.

Elisabeth is 16 and a big sister that loves to make homemade pizza for her family.

M: So, tell me a little bit more about yourself. What do you like to do?

E: My number one hobby is to play the piano.I love to listen to classical music. I also really enjoy reading The Hardy Boys.

M: A woman after my own heart, lol. I absolutely had a crush on Joe Hardy.  :-D
Grandma told me that you are such a blessing, playing for their church services. 

So, Elisabeth, is this your first time to read Stepping Heavenward?

E: No, I read it last year.

M: What do you think of Katy at this time in her life? The very first time I read the book, I thought she was a bit much. Too much drama, you know.   

E: I think that she should control her emotions a bit more. I agree with you about the drama, though. It is hard to control myself when I really want something.  Or rather, how I want something done.

And pride gets in the way, too, sadly. When mom says something works and I don't like it until I try and see that it really DOES work, then I don't want to admit that mom was right.

M: haha, that is so true. It always cracks me up when someone describes pride as being a particular trait of their family. The Hudson pride or the Kimball pride. It's Adam's pride and we all inherited it .

It was challenging for me in some ways, growing up in a Sovereign Grace church, because I knew I needed to be saved, but I didn't know how to get there.  It was a real searching time for me. What has been your experience as you seek the Lord?

E: Although this is not in the beginning of the book, I remember when I read it last that Katie was asking Dr. Cabot how to know if she was saved if she didn't know exactly when she was saved, and he said that knowing when is not the point, but just knowing that you are trusting in Christ is more important. That has helped me a lot.

M: Absolutely. The way she describes it in the beginning of the chapter makes so much sense. Since we are dead in our sins and unable to will or exercise any faith, we must depend on Him to provide that first spark of life. That first twinge of conscience, that dread of displeasing an utterly Holy God. These workings of regeneration are the gift of God as much as the faith they later produce.  

My dad used to caution me  not to have faith in my faith. That used to really puzzle me,
E: Yes, that is a good point. I have been reading through Pilgrim's Progress since the new year, and it is amazing to see the deep doctrines of the Bible written for all to understand.
This is changing the subject slightly, but I was thinking about the differences between the 1830's and today. Human nature is, of course always the same. That is why the truths of Christian Classics are always relevant. In what ways do you think today is different than Katie's time and in what ways similar?
E: some servants to load the dishwasher for me would be nice...
M: lol, I get a little jealous whenever I read of them having a cook!
I really appreciate having the opportunity to chat with you 🙂 Do you have any quotes that stood out to you or final thoughts?
E: Yes, it was so sad that her father died. And how at the end of the chapter, she says she would give almost anything to live in a world where nothing painful would happen. I know I would, but I do not have to, because Christ has given Himself for me.
M: Katie's mother displays that same Christian fortitude. It is helpful to know that your loving Father sends only what is needful and is there to help us through every trial. I just read today in Psalm 56:8 that God treasures up our tears in a bottle. I feel awkward around others who are bereaved and hurting. It is so easy to thoughtlessly say something that is even more hurtful, as Katie so vehemently illustrated   
E: It is a comfort to know that God knows every hair on our head and every tear we weep. 
M: Well, a very pleasant hour has sped past. I'm sure you have much to do today. The pictures of the dinners you prepare for your family are always mouthwatering! 
E: I enjoyed chatting with you too. And now I am going to get some pizza started. It is fun to talk to someone older than me.  I really enjoyed our discussion! 
All right, ladies!  If y'all want to jump in and join the discussion, we'll be here all week :-)