Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hope Springs

Only a lunatic would implement a new schedule the weekend of the time change.

Don't ask me how I know this.

But, whining and grumbling aside, I am sitting down to write during my dedicated "blogging hour" for the very first time.  It's an exhilarating feeling! 

I better type fast, there's only six minutes left before the official "lights out" designation.

Dadgum Daylight Savings!

In other news, spring has defiantly burst the bonds of winter.  Daffodils, redbuds and tulip trees are in full bloom.  Bradford Pears are officially passe, having reached the height of their glory last week.  I am astounded how that two weeks ago, there was only the merest hint of life about the stately pears.  This week the blossoms cover the ground like snow and brilliant emerald leaves cloak from tip to trunk.  We have a freeze warning in store for the weekend.  Such is spring in Oklahoma.

The rising temperatures have also lit a fire under me to get school in hand and do whatever it takes to be finished with our lessons by the end of May.  This will require doing double lessons every day for the next ten weeks.  But, like the weather of the past two weeks, I am hopeful.  Maybe a chilling freeze will nip my optimism in the bud.  Maybe we'll crash and burn yet again.  Maybe I'll throw my hands up in defeat come Memorial Day.  But hope springs eternal and hope is what March is all about.

I am hopeful when I see my middle son, who has attention problems, get excited about reading his very first chapter book  all on his own.

I am hopeful when my oldest son announces that he has lost ten pounds and how happy he is about riding his bike every day.

I am hopeful when I see that the new schedule really is working and that locking five children in my room during the hours of 10 - 12 is not as cruel as it sounds.  Every day this week I have brought a bucket of toys into the master bedroom, collected the kids and locked the door.  Elle and Ana are limited in their destructive capability to one small area.  Alvin helps look after them in between Kindergarten assignments.  Cy is fairly self sufficient on the laptop at the desk, but I'm nearby if he needs help.  Dee is cloistered in the closet at with the older laptop.  It's really a pretty sweet retreat, perfect to give him the concentrated attention that he requires.  I circulate between the three boys and Ana, who is in the throes of potty training.  I also sporadically fold laundry on the bed, plan menus and grocery lists and sneak glimpses of Facebook.  When the clock strikes 12, I kick everyone outdoors and heave a sigh of relief.  Usually we have finished our two lessons in math, reading and grammar.  History, science and geography are saved for after lunch.  We might survive the school year after all!

I am hopeful when I hear snatches of murmured prayer coming from my closet.  I thank God for a husband on his knees!

I am hopeful when I settle into my rocker, coffee in hand to greet the new day from my new retreat, also known as the patio room.  Devotions in my bedroom simply weren't working.   Being able to look out across the backyard at the sunrise gives me such a peaceful and thankful start to the day.  I can't believe I've lived here six years without discovering this!

I am hopeful when I hear Elle expounding on who her favorite presidential candidate is: "Ted Cruz, he's just a winner!"  She's only four, but she can list all the major candidates of the season.  She's so much like her daddy.

I am hopeful when Cy spends the evening peeling potatoes with me and telling me all about the decline of the samurai and the merits of their code of honor (which he has copied by hand and keeps in his pocket to refer to throughout the day!)

I am hopeful when I see Alvin and Dee studiously copy words and phrases onto their artwork all day long.  Sometimes from the Bible, sometimes from the cereal box, nearly always it turns out unintentionally hilarious.

I am hopeful when Ana goes quietly to bed.  She stretches me every day.  But, oh is she worth it!  She is loud, fun, and determined.  She is on a mission to flush every toilet, wipe every wall, and open every childproof bottle cap.  She is delighted with the novelty of going to the bathroom.  She loves babies and animals of every sort.  She can be sweet and snugly one moment, angry and defiant the next.  She reminds me of how I must look to my Father above.

I am hopeful as this Resurrection Season rolls on, Christ living in me, the hope of Glory.

Thank you, Lord for March!      

Thank you for hope.