Friday, October 9, 2015

What's The Point?

Howdy, folks.

I've missed y'all like crazy!  I do believe this is the absolute longest I have ever gone without writing.  But, you see, I've been so busy this summer doing important stuff. 

Like really important stuff.

There was a mission trip to Antarctica.

I traced the Nile to it's source.

The Nazi's never did succeed in stealing the Ark of the Covenant.

Oh, and I shined up the Holy Grail with some leftover silver polish in the junk drawer.

How was your summer?

Sigh.  Who am I kidding?  I might as well come clean and confess.

I forgot my Google password.

It's a little embarrassing.

My conscience is still bothering me.  There's more to it.  I really did forget my password.  And it really did take me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to reset it.  And I really was busy this summer (although I don't actually own any silver polish, neither own I silver to polish) but there is another reason why I have not written a thang in over two months.

I got to reading all these Other Blogs.  Blogs that are professionally designed.  Blogs that go viral on Facebook.  Blogs that are written by exalted beings that begin with "Dear Sisters" and go on to dispense timely, relevant and convicting pearls of wisdom to the unwashed masses of overwhelmed mothers huddling in their closets.  And I think, "Who am I to write anything?  I haven't even showered today?  What could I possibly say that these ladies haven't already said in a much pithier way?"

In other words, I'm jealous.

I'm comparing myself to others and finding myself wanting.

But that is wrong.  If God uses this web log to encourage somebody or make them chuckle, then my day has been made.  Bu, I really can't pretend that I'm out here on the blogosphere writing life changing stuff that everyone around the world MUST read.  It's too much pressure.  There's too much I am struggling with myself.  You see, I kind of lost focus what this blog is really all about.  I started feeling like every post had to be profound or spiritual or have a life changing homeschool tip or have gorgeous stock images of barefoot toddlers amongst wildflowers and sunbeams. 


So, let's get back to the basics. 

Why am I even here?

 I exist to glorify God.  I'm still a work in progress.  I am NOT some spiritual guru like Beth Moore.  I don't have answers.  To anything.  I can't tell you the best homeschool curriculum.  I can't give you 7 Weird Tips To Get Your Husband To Pick Up His Dirty Socks (you won't believe #5 is even legal!) 

Here's what I can do.  I can look up to my Father.  I can laugh at myself.  I can write about all the ridiculous things that happened so you can laugh with me too.  Every now and then I might have a really cool insight that I want to share.  Or maybe I'll just copy out a poem from Kipling because my brain is fried and the closet is dark and I just ran out of chocolate.  Something, anything is better than nothing.  Because I'm a writer. And a writer has to write or shrivel.  And I get really ugly when I'm shriveled.

So from now on I hope to write regularly.  It may not be the stuff Pulitzers are made of, but it's my life.  And I'm thankful for it.