Sunday, May 3, 2015


The title of this post is Frozen.  I feel like my blog has been frozen in a time warp.  I apologize for that.  I hate it when the blogs I follow go dormant.  I want to reach through the screen and poke the author.  "Hey, are you okay in there?" 

We have all been well, just you guessed it, busy.  It seems like doing school on the computer has really slowed my writing.  I'm having to share the keyboard with three other people.  But, summer break is fast approaching!  I hope to get back in the groove immediately and forthwith.

It's been way too long since I sat down to write.  I'm feeling kind of rusty.  Be forewarned, I'm going to have spew incoherently for a couple of posts to get everything off my mind, then maybe I can get back to writing more consistently.

For starters, a little princess had her first birthday not too long ago.

Actually, it was in February.

I'm sorry, Ana!  I thought about skipping the birthday party post entirely, but I don't want her to look back in the archives when she is 32 and realize that her first birthday was undocumented and might as well never occurred for all that she remembers of it. 

So, here we go:

True to form, I bought official Disney napkins . . .

It's Anna for Ana!

. . . and an official tablecloth . . .

But that was the extent of my homage to the Wonderful World of Disney to facilitate our Frozen party.

My lovely Aunt Brenda made the most incredible snowflake cake!

Ana thought it was the most terrific thing she had tasted all year.

"Keep it rolling, mom!"

I spent my birthday (just a few days before Ana's) tending to sick children and cutting out these paper snowflakes.  I found it very cathartic.  If I ever go completely insane, get me some scissors and a few templates from this awesome site and I just might make a full recovery.

I hung my paper snowflakes all over the house, and no two were alike, I want you to know!  (I may have kept them up until Easter . . . )  In the Frozen theme, we had snowflake wafer cookies, Sparkling Blue Jello (looked like ice!), mini peppers sliced into snowflake-ish rings and peppermint cocoa. My amazing and talented sister drew the cutest Olaf poster to go along with the play-snow.  Well,  I attempted making play-snow with baking soda and conditioner, but alas, it gooed into a frosting like consistency which then hardened into cement. 

It had to be dumped. 
It took two months for the rains to break it down and wash it away. 
There's got to be a good lesson in there, somewhere.  But for the moment it eludes me. 
Don't eat the fake snow?  No, that was the yellow snow. 
Every snowflake has a silver lining?  No, that's not right.
Never trust Pinterest?  That may be true . . .  
Oh, I know!  Always double check your measurements.

Lesson learned.

The house was filled with most of our family, about thirty people in all.  It was a good day.  A day to rejoice in the goodness of God.  A day to celebrate having a whole year to enjoy our littlest girl.

We love you, Ana Banana!