Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hurling Hurricanes!

I'm going to start naming our bouts of illness after tropical storms.

I think it would make pretty good cover for the evening news.  Maybe Brian Williams would like to pick this up . . .

"Gastrointestinal Distress Ivan is slowly churning it's way through the family, leaving devastation in it's wake.  Damage to couches, carpet and clothing is extensive."

"Stay tuned for our exclusive report as Random Fever And Aches Maybelle sends temperatures rising and tempers flaring across Eastern Oklahoma this month.  One local mother has given up entirely on ever leaving her home."

"Tonight's broadcast is sponsored by Zofran, Children's Tylenol and Lindor Chocolate"

Elle has been struck by Kidney Infection Katrina this week while Alvin and Ana are snowed under by Feverish Depression Hugo. 

We are currently under a Red Flag Influenza Watch.

Robert returned from his adventures in Vietnam exactly  3 weeks ago today.  (Guest post by Handsome Hunk to follow!) In my joy to see him, I ran and gave him a big, slobbery kiss.  We spent the day catching up.  I fixed his favorite meal.  We opened the gifts and viewed the pictures and heard his stories. 

We went to bed.

I didn't get out of bed for nearly two days.

I had finally succumbed to Norovirus Nadine.

I'm so glad Robert was home!  I hung on there to the bitter end.  It was a relief to finally get sick and get it over with.

Except it wasn't over.

Robert got sick a few days later.  I sure hope the kiss was worth it.  I feel really bad about that.

And, it still isn't over.  It keeps recirculating, much like the jet stream.  Just when I think we are well enough to venture forth to church or the grocery store, someone comes down sick within the hour.

So here we are, bumping along, taking our hits and thankful every time that it's not The Big One.  I am hoping and praying that Alvin and Ana aren't hit by The Perfect Storm that has been so devastating to our state this year.  My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones.  I know that we are all just heartbeats away from life being forever changed.  I am so thankful that I have an Unchanging God, my Rock and Anchor come what may.  Tonight I am weary, tired of missing church, tired of the roller coaster of illness.  I know that God has this under control.  I can trust him to get us through.  One snuggle, one story, one cached Lindor Truffle at a time, we are going to make it.

And then I'm throwing a party!

And someone will probably throw up in the middle of it . . .