Monday, January 26, 2015

7 Days, 5 Kids, 1 Mom - I Don't Want To Do This!

As many of you know, my husband just returned from a trip to Vietnam last week.  I am super glad he's home safe and sound!  While he was away, I tried my best to keep busy and productive.  I spent a lot of time on the computer, hoping to hear from him.  I also wrote, to keep myself sane.  This is the first installment of the series of posts that I wrote while he was gone.  Try not to cringe too much  . . .

*I am not ready for today.

*Robert is en route to Hanoi, Vietnam to visit an old friend from business school.

*He will be gone at least 7 days.

*Can I just hibernate for a week?

*I really am glad that he has this opportunity.  I wished I could have gone with him.

 Or sent the kids with him and I stay here.

 But, of course, neither solution is very practical.

*So here I am, at 8:57 a.m.  Delaying the beginning of the day, even though I have officially been up for five hours.

*I'm not dressed.

*The kids aren't dressed.

*No one has had breakfast.  (Well, I did fry myself an egg after returning from the airport at 5:45 this morning.  But the kids don't know that.  And I don't intend to ever tell them.  I will carry this to my grave.)

*The house is a wreck, particularly my room, since Robert packed his  bags at 1:30 a.m.  A mere two and half hours before we were due to wake up.  Yes, I'm operating on about two and a half hours of sleep.

*If it wasn't for a doctor's appointment this afternoon, I might not get dressed at all.

*I can't tell if Ana is throwing up or spitting up, therefore I'm unsure whether I should sanitize every surface she has touched or not.

*Of course, it's too late to sanitize my lips after she slimed them.

*I will try to keep a running log of the week's events and will post them once Robert is safely returned, because I don't believe in alerting the world that I will be home, alone, with five kids for seven nights.

*If I don't survive the week, I have arranged for this to be published posthumously, kind of like Captain Kirk's mission logs.

*Live long and prosper.

*I'm hitting the shower.