Tuesday, January 27, 2015

7 Days, 5 Kids, 1 Mom - Days 1 & 2

I don't know why I resist going to bed when Robert is away.  No matter how tired, how frazzled, how "done" I might be, I will delay my bedtime routine for as long as I possibly can.  Then I read.

Getting out of bed is even harder.

Without him there to anchor the close and start of each day I am adrift.

We have never been this far apart.  Sure, he's had week long business trips before.  But, they were always in the States.  He was just a phone call away.

Right now, he is thirteen hours into the future.

What does Friday, the 16th look like from over there, darlin'?

Yesterday was a very long, restless, backwards day.  I eventually did fix breakfast, shower, bathe the girls, teach school, make the doctor's appointment, hang out with my friend, go to church and hurry the kids into bed.  But my heart was thousands of miles away.  It was a bizarre feeling.  I dropped Robert off at the airport at 5 a.m.  From that point on, he was traveling.  All morning, all afternoon, all evening, all night.  When I awoke at 7 this morning, he was still traveling.  It felt like we were caught in a time warp.  Finally, at 9:30, he arrived in Hanoi.  It was 10:30 p.m. for him.  My only communication so far has been two short emails sent from his phone.  By short I mean he typed the one line message in the subject line of the email!  But those brief communiques sent my heart to leaping and my stomach aflutter.  I haven't felt quite this way since those teenage days when I was hopelessly in love with a certain young lawyer.  We weren't sure if his phone would work over there.  Allegedly, he should be able to make calls with a WiFi connection.  But it doesn't seem to be working.  I will have to content myself with the occasional email or Facebook post.

This experience so far has added a whole new level of appreciation for our military families who go through much greater separations.  Having a loved one overseas is a very different feeling than one who is traveling Stateside.  I was not expecting to feel the physical distance and communication barriers so keenly.  Military wives are awesome!

Despite mooning like a lovesick teenager, we kept pretty busy today.

First up was violin lessons at 10:30
Chiropractor at 12
Taco Bell was urgently needed thereafter.
We ate our burritos and chalupas at the park, in the sunshine!
After basking, frisking and luxuriating in the glorious sun, (it's been a hard winter!)
We took in some Library Therapy
Happy mom and happy children couldn't wait to get home and look at all the cool books
But first Mean Mom made the kids clean out the van, since frostbite was no longer a clear and present danger
Then I forced them to endure 30 minutes of school on the computer - Horrors!
We watched a documentary about Benjamin Franklin before supper
We watched Peanuts after supper
I led Family Devotions, since Robert wasn't here to do it - sniff
Then we played the world's fastest round of Sorry.

Elle lost.
It didn't matter that all of us besides Dee lost along with her.
She took it personally.
I tried to explain, "Only one person can win, honey."  To which she indignantly retorted, "Well, I AM one person!"
Which is true.

I am only one person myself and I'm feeling it.

Good night, y'all!