Wednesday, September 10, 2014

End Of Summer, Beginning Of School

Just a report from the trenches . . .

It seems like it was just two weeks ago we were soaking up the lazy, hazy days of summer.  Swimming, camping out in the back yard, Vacation Bible School, celebrating the boys collective birthdays with a sleepover.  And then BAM!  All of a sudden we are officially Back To School and the kids are still scratching their heads, wondering what in the world just happened?  Me too, for that matter.

 I have to confess, though, I love the change of seasons.  All the seasons.  There is something magical about the gradual loosening of Winter's icy grip, the softening of the air, the redbuds, uh, well, budding.

 I live for the first really hot day.  The first day we can go swimming, the first lighting bug flash, the first cicada whirr, the first ripe tomato.  I love to  lay out on a blanket and soak in the rays and listen to the cacophony of Summer. 

I know that Winter will be solemnly quiet by comparison. But before the austerity of January is the cheery-ness of December and the Thankfulness of November. 

September is Summer's farewell and Autumn's promise. 

We don't start to cool off until October, typically.  The leaves change at the tail end of October.  But September will give us tantalizing glimpses of pumpkin pie weather.  My Russell Stover Carmel Apple will be melting in the heat.  I will sweat through a Pumpkin Spice Cappucino from Quick Trip.

 Our pencils will be sharp, erasers un-chewed and crayons unbroken, whole and neatly stacked in crisp yellow boxes.

Okay, that last sentence was so like, last week, you know.

The Avengers or The Village People?

See this picture?  There are several remarkable things about it.  First of all, it is the first picture I have ever posted.  Yay, me!!  Second, it proves that my kids did have a fun party at the end of Summer.  Third, my house is well protected, as you can see.  Fourth, as of the time of this photo all crayons were pristine.  That ended on the first day of school, three days later.

Alvin, Dee and Cy
I guess I should say something about this party.  I am not a big plan-it-out-party sort of gal.  I prefer to be spontaneous, practical, unique and a little on the cheap frugal side.  Last year we had an identical party.  I was pregnant, but it didn't seem to slow me down.  I allowed a troop of about 10 boys into my kitchen to top their own homemade pizzas.  I was totally cool and not stressed one bit. 

This year we had Little Caeser's. 

That Sherry bought and delivered.

I stressed over it for a week.

It looks like real life has finally caught up with me.

Just before our guests arrived, Robert very thoughtfully mowed the yard for me.  Then all the kids jumped into the wading pool.  Then they climbed out, then jumped back in, then climbed out and dripped their way into the house.  It could have been a Dr Suess lyric, "Big feet, wet feet, here come furry grass feet."

After our pizza feast, we had a costume contest.

Elle is practicing being a flower girl for her Uncle's upcoming wedding.

Cy and Dee opened their gifts.  Lots and lots of weapons!

Me and Ana
At ten o'clock the party moved out to the tent.  I slithered out behind the tent, utilizing my "Don't Let The Baby See Me While I Put Away The Laundry During Naptime" commando crawl and eavesdropped on the ghost stories.

At 11:15 Rob came inside.  He figured the boys would be right behind him, just as soon as the coyotes commenced to howling.

At 11:30 the whole troop came crashing in jubilantly: "It's dawn!! It's dawn!! We made it through the whole night!!"

Sigh . . .

 I will draw a merciful curtain over ensuing scenes.  Suffice it to say one movie, five hours and countless warnings later they all moved back outside to crash for the scant hour before the true dawn.

They truly squeezed out every last drop of fun.  Isn't that what Summer is all about?

But, Back To School must happen eventually.

Going to sleep must happen eventually too, so I will segue into the next post with the grace of a one legged duck.  Maybe tomorrow we can talk about School Year 2014.  It has been really different this year.  And I like it.  I like it a lot!

Good night.