Friday, September 12, 2014

Easy Peasy

Alvin at age 4

Today should be day 11 of our 2014-2015 school year.  It's kind of hard for my perfectionist self to admit that.  I still have niggling feelings of guilt over not finishing Shurley's English vol. 2 and Math U See Alpha from last year.  Let's not even mention Story of The World: Ancient History that we have been lost in for the past THREE years!!

 The blame rests squarely on my shoulders for that one.

  I loooove history.  It should be a crime to spend one bare week on The Seventeenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.  Nope, we must mummify a chicken (Imhotep, the celestial fowl rests in peace on a shelf in the garage), read at least 20 different picture books, watch The Ten Commandments while eating an authentic Egyptian meal complete with homemade flat bread and write out the spelling list in hieroglyphics.  This will take at least three months. 

It should also be a crime to skip from Ancient History straight to Columbus.  What about Erasmus?  What about Kubla Khan?  What about The Dark Ages??

It turns out Perfectionism, Guilt and Old Fashioned Competition are a really bad combination.

I do try hard not to compare, but surely I'm not the only homeschool mother who cringes when the school bus rumbles down the road at 7 in the morning and my kids are all sound asleep and I'm still in yoga pants?  I mean, shouldn't we all be up and fed and hitting the books because we are Awesome Homeschool People who breathe Latin verbs and eat the Periodic Table and finish the days lessons before noon and college before we can drive?

Then I shudder again when the bus returns everyone home at 3 pm because I am still in my yoga pants and the kids have yet to finish their Columbus Day word search and haven't had recess yet and the kitchen hasn't been touched all day and surely all those children on the bus will be met by mothers in heels and pearls with milk and freshly baked cookies on the table. 

Okay, maybe that was only in the fifties, I guess everyone today eats Pizza Rolls or Hot Pockets.

Anyways, there is no end to the ways I can feel guilt over something that is such an incredible privilege.  But, they are just lies from the enemy.  I'm not really in control of my children's destiny anyways.  How much better it would be if I submitted everything to prayer, proceeded to give thanks and went about my day in the freedom of Grace.

 The freedom to not compare or try to keep up with the Joneses or the Joneses charter school. 

The freedom to change as the Spirit directs.

 The freedom to trust the future to God's direction.

 The freedom to chunk ol' Shurley and lovingly put away The (Never Ending) Story Of The World.

And so, I am stepping out in faith and trying something that up until a few months ago I utterly scoffed at:

School on the COMPUTER!.

Cue ominous music...

I didn't want to even consider online school for the following reasons:

1. I want less screen time for my children, not more.

2. Video games for math is cheating.  Thomas Jefferson didn't do it.

3. It couldn't possibly fit in with my Charlotte Mason fantasies.

4.  It might be expensive.

5.  It's MY computer and I don't want to share, doggone it!

Here is what changed my mind:

1. Ana.  'Nuff said.

2. I am lacking direction, daily planning is not my forte.  It is waaay to easy for me to get distracted and go overboard on one subject whilst completely ignoring another.

3. Lack of funds to just go buy curriculum.

4. Lack of patience to track down affordable, used curriculum that all fits together.

5.  A good Facebook friend posted a link to Easy Peasy, All In One Homeschool.

6. It rocked my world!

Easy Peasy is completely free.  180 lessons for every grade.  Every subject covered.

 We even get to use McGuffey readers!  Thomas Jefferson would approve. 

Even though he didn't actually use them.

 Because they were written about a hundred years later. 

But I digress . . .

We are having a blast so far!  I can breathe.  No need to cower from the condemning yellow bus trundling by.  I have a point by point plan that I can check off and rest afterwards, knowing that we are good for the day.

And for me, that is priceless!

P.S.  I will try to post a few pictures of recent projects and a sample of what our day looks like sometime this weekend.  Right now it's Time For School!  See ya later.