Friday, September 26, 2014

Dinner Conversation

"As our program begins, we join the Hudson family dinner already in progress . . ." 

Ana: "WAAAA!" - I'm hungry!  I'm starving!  Nobody cares about the starving baby!!

Dee: "We are eating chicken muscle, cool!"

Ana: "WAAAA!! - "What's this, pig slop?  I think they call it 'green beans'.  It looks like snot . . ."

Dee: "If I was made out of one giant muscle, I could wiggle my ear just like a finger.
Ana: "WAAA-THTTTT!" - "Keep the green stuff rolling.  This joint has terrible service.  I hope they aren't expecting a tip."

Alvin: "Hey, I found the bullet hole!  This is where the chicken was shot!!"

Ana: WAAAA-ACK-WAAA - "Seriously, what part of 'waa' does she not understand?!  I am obviously full, but every time I open my mouth to tell her, she shoves more food into it."

Elle: "I lost my ice, I lost my ice!  It was right there in my cup and now it's goooone!!!" (dissolves into tears)

Mom: "Okay, it's time to get cleaned up, everyone.  Ana, you are done!  Actually, I'm done.  Time for bed."

Ana: "WAAAAAA!!!!!" - "I could go for some milk . . ."

Happy Friday Night, y'all!