Monday, July 21, 2014

My Dream Morning

Saturday's Blog Post:

Writer's Block.

I have it.

The End.

Monday's Blog Post:

I have been afflicted with a serious case of apathy.  I am in Homeschool Limbo.  Last year's work is STILL not quite finished.  The new school year is about to begin.  I have neither rested this summer, nor have I gotten anything accomplished.  I have, however, become thoroughly sick and tired of living without any sort of schedule.  Which is really what summer is all about.  The true miracle of July is that it accomplishes the impossible feat of making the dreary and predictable days of November seem "cozy" and "structured".

One side effect of the crazy, lazy,  halcyon days of summer is that I have lost my time for writing.  And I have really missed it.  As I was making our oatmeal this morning, (at the scandalous hour of 10:45) it occurred to me that if I want Success, I am going to have to define my terms.  What is Success to me?  What would it look like, feel like, taste like?  Would I know it if ever I did achieve it?  For instance, what is my conception of a Dream Morning.  A morning where everything went right.  So I grabbed some scrap paper and started to scribble a heading: My Dream Morning.  But, what's this?  Rob had left the laptop  up and running on the kitchen table.  I set the timer for the oatmeal (which I then ignored) and sat myself down.  (Now you know why things have a tendency to burn around here)

What follows is my idea of the beginning to a perfect day.  Now, I know that to expect this to ever happen exactly like this is foolish.  But, if you can dream, you can create.  You have something to aim for.  At the very least you will have spent a very pleasant half hour.

So, this is how I broke my Writer's Block, and maybe even my Summer's Apathy.

And, if I happen to "rise before dawn" or find flowers in my hair, I can say to myself, "Yup, I'm living the dream!" because now I know what it looks like.


* Rise before dawn  (should I *rise, *spring or *leap from bed?  I guess it depends on when I went to bed in the first place.  Rising sure sounds elegant, though)

* Kiss my honey.

* Dress in comfy workout clothes, make coffee, be alert/motivated enough to unload the dishwasher while waiting for coffee to brew without breaking anything.

* Take my coffee, Bible and hungry baby outdoors for Mission Briefing with my Commander-In-Chief  (if I am dressed and shod this should be easy)

* Watch the sun rise over my well tended lawn.  (But wait, my front porch faces west . . .  Never  mind, this is my daydream and anything can happen!)

*  Pluck a few stray weeds from the flower bed.

* Water the homegrown, organic tomatoes.

* Since the house is already immaculate, (thanks to My Dream Evening being flawlessly executed) I sweetly wake my eldest to join me in a rousing workout

*After a refreshing  shower, real clothes and makeup duly applied, I awaken the rest of the family with a hearty, homecooked breakfast.

*There are flowers on the table.  There might even be flowers in my hair. 

* During breakfast (which is high protein, low fat, low sugar and low cost)  we intelligently discuss world politics, religion, The Periodic Table of Elements and Suzuki music theory while listening to the Classical Conversations learning CD.

* Directly following our repast, the older boys will happily clean the kitchen while I flit through the house putting a few finishing flourishes on the bathrooms and laundry.  A crockpot with tonight's dinner is burbling away.

* We will all gather in the living room for Family Devotions, (which will be interesting and meaningful.  No one hit or bite another during this time because we all LOVE one another.  Right?  Right?!)

* After Devotions, flash card drills and violin practice, then on to the day's official academic adventures! 

*By the way, it's only 9 a.m. 

How about you?  Do you have a dream?  Try taking some time today to flesh it out.  Make it BIG!  Give it lots of details.  Pray over it.  It may not be as impossible as it first seems.  Is there one step you can take today to make it become a reality?  Here is my first step: Get everyone in bed by 10 'o clock every night this week.  Not easy!  But it IS doable.  I hope it will set the stage for easing us back into our school routine.

 There will definitely be no springing out of bed without it!