Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Let It Go Already!

Strains of "Let It Go" have been swirling through my thoughts this past month.  I am sure that at least half the planet's population has been similarly afflicted.  There is something about that song that speaks to us.  Powerfully.  In some cases, even against our wills.

Before I saw the movie, Frozen, I was puzzled by this phenomena. 

I guess the first I heard of it was when my brother-in-law took my two oldest boys to see it when their little sister was born.  They were bitterly disappointed.  Evidently all three of them assumed it was going to be an Ice Age movie. 

Oh, the agony of disillusionment!

And yet, when given the opportunity to watch it again at a friend's house, they were delighted!  Thrilled, even.  They sang along with it . . .

How did they even know the words?

Well, on their way to church camp, both vans had a copy of the soundtrack, purchased by a 23 year old male, (who shall remain nameless) and sung anywhere between 7 and 70 times.  (My three witnesses have been debating the exact number.  I think they settled on an average of 18 total.)

If you are depressed with the world news and the direction our country is headed, just watch this video of our proud and brave U. S. Marines singing along with Elsa.  It might make you feel better.  Or maybe terrified.  Let me know how it affects you.  It made me proud though.  The kid in the center is the spitting image of my little brother.  These are the guys on the front lines, defending Justice, Freedom and The American Way.  They are just kids.  And they sing along with Disney Princess movies.   God bless every one of them!

Anyways, this is just one example of the two and a quarter million You Tube videos relating to this song.  I couldn't believe that number.  People, we are seriously obsessed!

It is a well established fact around here that my family is too cheap to go to the movie theater.  Which means if I want to see the latest and greatest hit movies, I have to wait 8 months for it to come out in the library.  But that's okay.  I'm totally cool with that.  I was number 267 on our library's waiting list for Frozen.  It just arrived on my hold shelf last week.  But, thanks to my awesome friend, Susan, I got to see it at her house last month. 

And now I get it.

 The song makes sense.  

Really, it blew me away.  I was mesmerized by the intensity of color, music, feeling and good ol' Disney magic.  All of a sudden, it became my song.

Here is my theory on why Let It Go speaks so powerfully to all of us, whether we want to admit it or not:

Every single one of us are created in God's image.  That means (among other things) we are creative.  For years I argued with my Grandma that I was not creative or talented in anything. 

Guess what? 

I was wrong. 

Just because I can't paint, like she does, or sew like my other Grandma does not mean I am not talented.  Thanks to my Grandma Joan, I discovered as a teenager that I enjoyed writing and playing the piano.  When I married, I let both of those "hobbies" lapse.  Every now and then I would get an urge to sit down at the piano.  Sometimes my inner storm would erupt and the only way I could make sense of things again was to take up my pen.  But mostly these promptings were stifled, pushed down, concealed. 

I didn't have time. 

It wasn't as important as taking care of my family. 

I was afraid of failure. 

The excuses rolled on.  But last year came a sort of watershed moment for me.  Almost simultaneously, my music and my written thoughts found a way out.  I started piano lessons and this blog in the same month.  For the first time in forever (another great Frozen song!) I felt like had found a large chunk of myself that had been AWOL. 

And it felt good.  

It was right.

 I hope to never let these outlets of expression languish into oblivion again.  God gave me these gifts.  He wants me to use them for His glory, my enjoyment and the enrichment of others. 

I find it interesting that Elsa's ice powers are more the expression of what she feels with her heart than a thought out response.  When threatened, her ice is a barrier, sharp and defensive.  When finding release, it is joyful, beautiful, triumphant, but yet cold.  When moved by love, it is warm and thoughtful, serving others. 

What hidden talents do you keep tamped way down inside? 

You aren't creative, you say?  Maybe you need to look again. 

I am not good at taking a blank anything and creating something from basically nothing, per se.  I am not a Novelist, creating people and realms straight out of my imagination.  Rather, I prefer to take something that is already there and craft it to suit my purposes.  That is why I write personal experience stories and devotionals and recipes.  The raw materials are already there.  Whatever you do, don't send me to the store to purchase everything new to make over a room.  I can't do it.  But, lock me in a room full of shabby and eclectic  Goodwill furnishings and I can make it a work of art.  Give me the notes, and I will make it my music. 

What makes your heart sing?  What can you do to feed your soul while feeding others at the same time?

 I have such talented friends.  I think of Christy at Sooner Sugar.  She has a gift!   She comes from a family of extrordinarily gifted ladies.  I'm in awe of all of them.

  I dearly love Miss Susan at Grace To Thailand.  She is using all of her Pastor's Wife Super Powers to create a lovely home for abused and orphaned children.  But besides these, she is a gifted author who is now using her skills to keep supporting churches apprised of the best way to pray for these precious souls they are serving.

  Renee at Little Earthling Photography and A Baker's Dozen is changing the world, one photograph, one blog post at a time.  Not only is she the mother of 14, she has such a tremendous heart for the babies and mamas of special needs families.  Her photography is beautiful, dignified, heart rending and heart healing.

 Mrs, Gore  has the most amazing and thoughtful birthday party ideas.  I truly admire her gift of making memorable occasions.

 We may not all be able to do our thing, whatever that might be, in a professional way, but we can do it like no one else can.  And it makes all the difference in the world to those around us.  If you need any ideas to get started, may I recommend another one of my "life changing" books?  The Hidden Art of Homemaking; Creative Ideas For Enriching Everyday Life by Edith Schaeffer.  You will be thoroughly challenged and  refreshed.

One last link, for all of you who now can't get Let It Go out of your head, here is a version that is not only side splitting funny, but lump-in-your-throat poignant: Let It Go Mom Parody

Let's Let It Go today!