Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Last Of The Firsts

The first 6 weeks of life with baby are punctuated by several noteworthy events.

There is the:

First time to hold baby
First time to nurse
First time to change a diaper
First time to get out of bed and walk
First time to go potty (and for the first time since you were two, the achievement is met with wild applause from an audience!)

First time to venture forth with a brand spanking new car seat
First time to wonder what in the world have you gotten yourself into,
Shortly followed by your
First postpartum meltdown
and the
First postpartum threat to hubs if he mentions upgrading to a 15 passenger van one more time

It's always memorable to hear your
First "Aww, what a sweet baby. How old is she?"
and the inevitable
First "You have your hands full!"
First "You know what causes that . . ."

I've been steadily ticking off my list of Firsts.

First church service
First doctor's appointment
First trip to WalMart solo
First night back at karate
First day at the park
First trip to the zoo
First weekend visit to Oklahoma City

It's only fitting that the day of my 6 week checkup was welcomed by a blissfully sleeping baby and equally blissfully sleeping momma.

Yes, my friends.  Last night was the
First time to sleep through the entire night!!!!

Not that I expect her to repeat the feat anytime soon.

But, it did give me enough of a boost to attempt the perilous

First Doctor-Aldi's-Library-WalMart-Foray-With-All-The-Kids-In-Tow-Trip-Of-Doom


We made it.

I was snarling by 2 pm, but here it is, 11 o'clock  and we are all still alive and reasonably sane.

It is also notable that in spite of the hectic and pressing day, I still had enough ginger in me to attempt my
First batch of homemade bread

It wasn't yeast rolls, to be sure.

Just ye olde Irish Soda Bread.

But it gave a breath of hope that someday soon we'll be back to business as usual.

And that makes me kind of sad.

Which leads to my
First twinge of missing being pregnant.