Sunday, February 9, 2014

To Finish It All Out -Nesting, Days 4,5 and 6

There is something almost lyrical about eating a steaming hot bowl of oatmeal, topped with the last of the frozen strawberries from gardens past while watching the snow sifting down through the bare trees.

 Something that makes you pause and consider life, the energy that created the vibrant berries.  The same energy that is out there now, dormant in the earth, awaiting that spark that will send the sap rising and the buds bursting with new life.

Kinda like a mother-in-waiting,  waiting for whatever it is that sparks the birthing process past the point of no return.

I seem to have turned inward, waxing more philosophical by the day.  Most of my outward nesting complete, I am now preparing my heart and mind.  And my nails.  Let's not forget about the nails...

First order of business on Thursday was indeed to clip my toenails.  Hallelujah!!!  I'm glad I got that done before the stronger contractions moved in.  This morning I attempted to put on hose during a contraction.  That'll learn me...

Also on Thursday I had the privilege of getting my hair cut by a good friend, sister in the Lord and my little sister's mother-in-law, Lisa.  That really felt good!  I hadn't had my hair trimmed in probably 6 months.

Then came Friday.  I've been waiting for Friday for several weeks.  Because this Friday I left my lovely and brilliant children with Miss Velma for the day.  Bless you, Miss Velma!  I had a luxurious day, all to myself.  First I went to chat with Dr Silver.  He said I'm dilated to 2 cm now.  Not bad.  Ana has definitely dropped and he didn't think I would make it to my due date.  I've heard that before...  We also discussed induction dates.  I think we have about settled on Sunday, a week from now!!!! the 16th.  I hate to do it on a weekend, but the good Dr didn't mind at all.  I think he might prefer it, even.  It will be handy for my husband's work schedule.  I just hate planning it in general.  I would love it if God picks out her birthday.  Oh well.

After my appointment, I went to IHOP, birthday coupon in hand.  Instead of the Rooty Fruity Pancake Platter, I substituted Chicken and Spinach Crepes with a glass of orange juice.  Oh!  The luxury of it all.  I got out my Kindle, loaded with all the Anne of Green Gables books and noshed and read and noshed some more and read.  Then, here comes all the staff, bearing an ice cream sundae and singing the Happy Birthday song.  "No, really guys, that's not necessary.  It's not even my birthday yet.  Oh, a sundae?  Maybe just a bite.  But you don't need to sing."  They sang.  And loudly declared that I was celebrating my 21st birthday all over again.  I guess I'm old enough for that joke to be funny now?  A few minutes later a waiter came by and handed my a fairly large print of an eagle and American flag.  "It's a gift from the gentleman at the other table."  Really?  Yeah, strange men give me gifts every couple of weeks, no big deal...  After I finished the glorious sundae, I waddled over to the table where 2 older couples were visiting.  I thank Mr Cornett. (his business card was stapled to the back of the print)  He said it was his original work and now he gives the prints away to anyone that will take them.  "Did I have any family in the Service?  Well, here take 2, no here's 6, just hand them out to whoever might enjoy them, dear."  If anyone wants a print of an eagle with the flag, just message me in the comments below...

Next was Target, time to shop for some nursing bras.  A task most definitely better performed alone.  I have drug 3 boys and a screaming infant through the bra aisle before.  Multiple times, actually.  Murder, absolute murder.  And child abuse.  And everyone-else-in-the-store abuse.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, thank the Lord for Miss Velma!

After a brief foray into Dollar Tree I met up with my true love, the library.  We spent a lovely half hour together, browsing books and videos.  I am now stocked up for whatever may happen this week.  Little House On The Prairie (the book) for when I feel ambitious enough to facilitate a cozy read-aloud time.  Frontier House (PBS reality show) for when I don't.  Hank the Cowdog audio book to motivate chore time.  And classical music to charm nap time.

I returned home to a blissfully quiet house, threw a ham and potato casserole in the oven and vegged to the Olympic Opening Ceremony for the rest of the night.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

Saturday found me making pancakes, cleaning out a few more drawers, shopping with my little sis for a car seat.  Thank you, Mom and Joanna!  Getting my nails done by sweet Miss Sherry.  Thank you, Sweet Miss Sherry!  Fixing mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie.  Turkey was prepared by awesome husband, Rob.  Thank you, Awesome Husband Rob!  We have enough food for several meals, plus frozen meat for soups and casseroles.  I think my hubby might have thrown out the bones, though.  A tragedy, I use those bones to make incredible soup.  Oh well.  I also bathed Elle, folded two loads of laundry and ironed about 8 shirts while watching The Importance of Being Earnest.  Oh, and I showered as well.  The Importance of Being Clean, you might say.

Today was church.  A wonderful message on marriage.  One of the best I have ever heard!  Marriage is Honorable   Please listen, if you have time.  And grab your spouse!  He speaks to everyone in this.  And in the most loving of ways.  No screaming for women to submit and men to rule with an iron fist.  This is so different.  And so real.  And so glorifying to God.  Even if you are single, there is something for you as he reveals God's love towards us, personified in the marriage relationship.

It's been an amazing week.  I accomplished much more than I could have dreamed possible.  It's not all done yet.  Rob asked me yesterday what would happen if I didn't get everything checked off my list.  I told him I didn't know.  The world might just end, I don't want to risk it.  Much safer for him to just help with the list I wrote out and left on the computer...

This week I hope to conquer Thank You notes and packing.  And take the time to enjoy my family, just the way we are.

I will ask for prayer though.  Most of you have already read what Rob posted on Facebook last night.  Basically, while doing my nails, my cuticle got nicked and bled for about thirty minutes.  I kept dabbing at it, thinking any moment the bleeding would stop.  But it didn't.  So I wrapped a bandaid around it real tight.  When my finger started to turn black, I removed the bandaid.  Surely that would have stopped the bleeding.  But it didn't.  Eventually I stopped leaking.  But by now Sherry was a little alarmed, and so was I.  When I told Rob, he was mega alarmed and started a prayer campaign.  I feel sure that the baby aspirin regimen I've been on is the culprit.  I've been off the aspirin for a week now.  Surely in a few more days my platelets will get back to normal and my bleeding because of failure to clot will not be an issue during delivery.

Love all of you guys!  Thanks for all the prayer and support.  I may or may not blog in the upcoming week, but I look forward to giving a full account of the labor and delivery in all it's gory details in a week or so!