Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Babymooners

It is the best of times . . .

It is the worst of times . . .

It is the Baby-moon period.

Even though my entire house was turned inside out and reeked of smoke, in spite of over-night guests, a kid who came home 5 days early with a stomach bug and a baby that only slept 5 minutes at a stretch, this has been one of my dreamiest baby-moon seasons.

The biggest reason for that is because my mom was able to be with me for an entire week.  There is nothing like the comfort of Mommy!

Another reason is that I am finally learning my limits, not to push myself like it's BUD/S (SEAL training) and to accept help.  Waaaay hard lessons for a stubborn individualist, like me.  In postpartum era's past I have:

Sent my husband off to full time school
Drove myself to the baby's first checkup at 4 days old.
Hauled everyone to the library's pre-school storytime
Bounced off the walls, unable to come down off the adrenaline to sleep, nap or sit still.
That's just the first week . . . 

This past week I was able to take glorious naps while my lovely and gracious sister and girlfriends held the baby for me.
I have showered.
I DID NOT go to church on Sunday!!  So proud of that accomplishment.  My mommy is too!
I DID NOT drag everyone off for two hours of karate on Monday.
I have not cleaned the kitchen and have only cleaned the bathroom once.
I did slip up and changed several pairs of sheets.  BUT, I got Robert to help with our bed.  That makes up for it, right?
I have accepted offers from good friends to run to the store for me, and fold laundry and do dishes for me.

All this pampering has freed me to sit for hours on end, breathing in the addictive aroma of newborn baby.  Basking in an oxytocin washed coma.  Inhaling fluffy brown hair.  And reliving my childhood through the Anne of Green Gables series on my Kindle.

Of course, we did have our share of improbable adventure.  But it was awesome and way worth it!

Robert's good friend and groomsman, John, was traveling through Tulsa on his way back home to Michigan.  Rob asked me if I was okay with his family dropping in on their way back.  That sounded great to me.  It's an opportunity that wouldn't come our way again for some time.  The big question was, should we fix dinner or take them out for dinner?  The thought of trying to nurse a newborn at a crowded restaurant table was not appealing.  I have done it before, the day we brought Dee home. (did I leave that off my list up there? I spent most of the meal with my head under a blanket.)  So it was determined that we would thaw a rack of ribs and host everyone at home.  My mom bravely set her game face and we headed out for the pediatrician and a quick grocery run.

The great thing about this plan was it lit a fire under our collective rear to get the house pulled back together.  Rob worked tirelessly to unpack and put away every single box and pile in the living room.  Which included cleaning out all our file folders!  I've been asking him to do that for a year!!

Dinner itself was fairly simple.  We thawed the ribs in the sink under warm water.  4 hours before dinner I brushed both sides with liquid smoke and applied my homemade rub (brown sugar, garlic salt, onion powder, ginger, cayenne and/or chipotle powder) to both sides.  I put it in a 250 degree oven, uncovered for 2 hours, brushed with BBQ sauce and returned to oven, covered with foil for 2 more hours.  Very easy!  We also had buttered Italian bread (purchased off the discount rack at Walmart and frozen), sauteed green beans (pour the liquid off the canned beans, fry in butter at a high heat until slightly browned) and mushroom salad (sliced mushrooms, swiss cheese and green onions tossed with 1/2 cup oil, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar and 1 Tbs Greek seasoning) and gluten free brownies with vanilla ice cream.  I just happened to have a gluten free brownie mix in the pantry.  It's like God knew a year ago that I was going to need it to host a dinner party right after my fifth baby was born and so He had it on sale at Aldi's and I snagged it, thinking I was going to fix it for someone else entirely but never did.

Yes, God is amazing like that.

We had a lovely time visiting and reconnecting with our old friends.  I only wish all of my children could have been there.  The Juarez's have two children, exactly Cy and Dee's ages.  They would have had a blast together.  But, if all my kids had been here, it would have made finding beds for everyone a little more difficult.  After all, it made sense for them to stay.  It was late.  And they were at least 20 minutes from a hotel.  And they already had their tooth brushes with them.  And I 'm really glad they did.

So, you see, when we say, "Y'all come stay with us sometime!" we really mean it.

I first started writing this a day or two ago . . .  I have lost my train of thought a few times.  Changed about 50 diapers and pulled off almost as many feedings.  In this short time my 5 minute napper has morphed into a regular sleep and and feed baby.  She's already growing up.  And that is why the baby moon is so precious.  A blink and it's over.  As you were, soldier.  Life returns to it's normal demands.  It was a shock to the system to fix my husband's breakfast this morning.  But, it felt kinda good, too.  My hormonal, hyper-active mind is making all sorts of plans for me to carry out, now that I can roll over without falling asleep in the middle of the maneuver.  It's hard for me to rein myself in.  That's why I'm still sitting here, typing, even though it probably doesn't make any sense, instead of betaking myself to bed while I have the chance.  I guess I'm trying to hold on to every moment of this precious time.  And that is why I call it

My Baby-Moon