Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nesting - Day 2

True to form, after a Manic Monday we always have a Truculent Tuesday. 

I can't believe the whining and complaining.  The tears and the meltdowns.  Not to mention all the kid's bad attitudes...

Just before I woke this morning, I dreamed that I gave birth, unexpectedly, in a Walmart bathroom.  A bathroom that had a full length mirror.  And I carried the baby around, lotus style.  Huh.  Maybe my subconscious mind is communicating that I am at last ready for the new addition.  Maybe the lack of pain and the relative serenity of the experience show that I have overcome my fears.  Perhaps, since it was an unassisted birth, and very "realistic" it reveals my true feelings about how birth has been over-managed and over-medicalized.  Or maybe it's just saying, "You watch too many YouTube birth videos, dummy!" 

It was supposed to be a beautiful snowy day.  The snow never materialized, but we ate pancakes anyway.

While I and the kids elbowed, clawed and bit for the prime real estate around the skillet, (everyone wants to "help" so as to sneak bites of batter) I also started cleaning the refrigerator in earnest.  This task consumed the next 3 hours or so, stretching until well past lunch.  I spent an hour alone wrestling with the Deli Drawer of Doom.  How can something so simple to remove be so difficult to put back together?  The only thing worse is trying to set up the bassinet.  I actually had to take a break with some grapefruit juice and Facebook to keep from crying.  It worked!  Within 5 minutes of resuming the struggle I emerged the victor.

After the major refrigerator offensive, I needed something short and simple to conquer.  The hall closet is now subdued.

After a crash-and-burn nap I'm ready to get back on the war path.  Three loads of laundry must be decimated before they organize and wage guerrilla warfare from beneath the furniture and behind the doors.

It's not been pretty, but progress has been made.  And I'm thankful.