Monday, February 3, 2014

Nesting 2014

Today is the official start of Nesting Season.

I've been hoping against hope that my nesting instinct would kick in soon.  I usually clean the entire last trimester.  But this time, it's been hard to keep up with basic kitchen cleaning.  It's been months since I last dusted...

I'm up against the calendar now.  We hope to deliver 2 weeks from today (Monday, the 17th)  and it is finally getting real.  So, what all can I get done in a snowbound week while my husband is away on business and I can't reach the floor?  Let's find out:

1.  I made my bed.  Well, we have to start somewhere, don't we.  I always make my bed, but Monday is Sheet Changing Day.  Woohoo!

2.  Power Breakfast (also known as "cleaning out the fridge") We had Greek scrambled eggs (sauteed onions, tomato, fresh spinach, eggs and feta cheese, all of them being over the hill) leftover toast with leftover apple cider syrup, orange slices with Greek yogurt and a cup of grapefruit juice.  I feel fortified now...

3.  Cleaned the kitchen whilst training Cy to load and unload dishwasher.

4.  Cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer in under 14 minutes.  This includes taking time to answer the phone, change the batteries in my digital thermometer, remove drawer, scrub drawer, replace drawer and neatly arrange the deserving contents.  Undeserving contents were trashed.  I don't run a charity here.

5.  Played the piano while waiting for the kids to locate the missing Windex bottle.

6.  Whipped up some fresh cleaning solution for the bathrooms etc... Recipe: 1 part rubbing alcohol, 2 parts water and a goodly splash of vinegar.

7.  Cleaned the bathroom, emptied and organized the drawers and cabinets.  Threw away a ton of band-aid wrappers.  Used gallon and quart sized bags to organize all the toiletries, hotel samples, loose razors and hair accessories.

8.  At some point we had family worship.  A much needed break!  I also read The Legend of Mike Fink by Steven Kellogg.  So, you could say we studied American Folklore for school, hehehe.  After lunch, I read a book about the weather on all the planets.  Can anyone say "Science"!

9.  3 o'clock, naptime!  I am reading Choosing Gratitude (again) by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Having down time with an uplifting book is essential.  Cy is being forced , strongly encouraged to read an adaptation of Oliver Twist during naptime.  Literature!

10.  While I overslept my naptime the kids watched Creepy Animals and Fighter Pilot.  Zoology and Physics!

11.  4:15 I ambitiously begin the Eggplant Parmesan process, clean the silverware drawer, the potato and onion drawer and the freezer.  The freezer was shocking!  I had no idea it was that bad.  And really, I only cleaned out the bottom half of it.  Frozen fruit is now in a Walmart bag on one side with frozen veggies in a bag on the other.  I hope I never have to clean out inches of sticky goo out of the bottom of the shelves again.  Dee was quite helpful at scrubbing everything I had soaking in the tub.  I was panicking.  We were supposed to leave for karate in an hour, I was fixing dinner and the freezer was dismantled all over the floor.  AAAACCCKKKK!  But, we made it, only 30 minutes late which was really on time because I was trying to get there 30 minutes early...

12.  Oh, while I cleaned the kids listened to The Adventures of Hank the Cowdog on CD.  Agriculture!

13.  Karate.  Physical Education!  2 hours of it!!

14.  We got home around 10, straightened the living room, girls room and boys room and put away laundry.  Our reward?  One episode of Classic Peanuts.  Uh, I don't know what educational value I can hijack for this one.  Perseverance In The Face Of All Obstacles, perhaps?  Who cares.  Let's hear it for the 60's!!!

Day 1 of Official Nesting Week is in the bag.  Time to hit the showers.  Maybe I'll clean the shower while I'm in there...