Thursday, January 16, 2014

Operation Icicle

My cousin, Vikki (from sisters point of view)  is coming to visit next week.


My long overdue burst of nesting might be making an appearance.


I plan to spend the next four days cleaning, planning, schooling and cooking.

I will call this Operation Icicle. 

We will fly to the Y, execute a HAHO infil over the desert, remembering the only easy day is yesterday and exfil to JSOC upon completion of said objectives.

Why yes, I did just finish reading a book about the Navy SEALS.  Why do you ask?

Anyways, this will be a major operation, requiring skill and stealth.  And bribing the natives.

The first step is to, well, get off the computer and fix breakfast before 10 am.

We can't all be up before sunrise, ok!

Really, my major goal is to set the timer for 15 minutes.  Clean a particular area during those 15 minutes.  Take a 15 minute break to work on "school" stuff.  Return to area 51 and keep cleaning 15 more minutes.  Repeat as necessary.  When area 51 is complete, debrief with a game or movie.

That is all