Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Apple A Day...

  It's taken me a while to get back into the rhythm of "normal" days.  Mostly because normal has forever changed.

I start weekly visits to my favorite OB next week.

Rolling over takes more energy than climbing Hatcher's Pass, and it's more painful, too.

I've hit my 180 lb weight goal, 6 weeks early.

 I. Am. Grouchy.  Seriously, keep fingers inside the fence, I bite.

And I'm always hungry.  The girl who gets depressed when she eats too much sugar is spooning it in like it's the only thing that will keep her sane.

I'm sure once I have a screaming bundle of baby girl sweetness keeping me up round the clock things will get much better.

So, in light of all this cheerfulness, I thought today would be a fine time to showcase my New Year's Resolution's.  They are as follows:

1. Avoid a mental breakdown
2. Make sure no one expires from hunger
3. Do laundry at least once a month

What?  That doesn't inspire you?  Me either.  Instead of fancy Resolutions, I am trying something new this year.  A small list of daily goals.  Nothing big or earth shattering.  Just small steps that will hopefully keep me healthy, productive and less stressed.  You know the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."  I'm hoping that small steps will lead to healthy habits that will keep the men in the white coats away.   I took a small piece of paper (very important! the larger the paper, the longer the list.  I might have to downgrade to a Post It note after the baby is born)  and listed 10 things that I can try to fit into my day.  Kind of like puzzle pieces.  It's a rare day when I do all 10, but accomplishing even one thing makes me feel good.  Hopefully these will become habits that I do without even thinking about it.

Small Steps Make A Big Difference!
1: Eat 1 piece of fresh fruit or vegetable
2: Completely finish 1 load of laundry (never mind that there are 3 unfinished loads on the couch)
3: Clean 1 bathroom
4: Dance through 1 song (yep, that's the extent of my exercise)
5: Play 1 hymn (just in case I'm unexpectedly called upon some Sunday)
6: Get rid of 1 item (this is sooo important! Tossing any little thing you no longer need or use counts.  I threw out an 80% used up dot-to-dot book today.  Bam!)
7: Read 1 children's book out loud
8: Do 1 activity with kids (we managed a board game during nap time, but coloring together counts.  Or working a puzzle.  Or building blocks.  This is my hardest task)
9: Straighten 1 room (Or a shelf.  Or just clear the table)
10: Read 1 chapter (from a book I WANT to read, all by myself.  If you don't have a daily habit of Morning Devotions, this would be a good way to start) 

That's it.  It may seem pathetically small and prosaic.  Or it might appear overwhelming and unrealistic.  Most days I can hit 8 out of 10 of these mini challenges.  The good news, I can always refine and restructure for my changing needs.  But each item adds up and if I can hit it consistently through the next year, I think we're going to be all right.

Happy New Year, everyone!