Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chicken 'N Rice

Remember my last post when I had an hour to unload the car, fix dinner, eat and head out for karate?

Yeah, I'm, still having nightmares about it...

Not really.

That's 'cuz I had a secret weapon that helped me pull it off.  Some "convenience food"!!!

Here is my recipe:

Go to WalMart.
Place a rotisserie chicken in your cart.
Not the hot one!!!!!
Go around the corner and find the refrigerated case that has yesterday's chilled chickens, these are a dollar cheaper.
Grab a bag of frozen mixed veggies or fresh, washed spinach.
Once home, throw the chicken in a covered dish, heat in oven at 400 for as long as you can get away with. 30 minutes will do it.
Heat 4 cups of water, 2 tbs butter and 1 package of onion soup mix to boiling in a pot.  Add 2 cups of rice and steam on low 15-20 minutes.
Microwave mixed veggies with salt and butter or dump spinach in a bowl and call it "salad".
Stir whatever cheese you might have on hand into the finished rice.
Pull the bird out of the oven and dig in!
Leave enough meat to make a casserole tomorrow!

2nd Day Casserole
Mix the leftover chicken, rice, mixed veggies (or chopped spinach) and a can of cream of chicken soup with 1/2 can of milk.  Can be topped with your choice of cheese, french fried onions, bread crumbs, crushed cheese crackers, crushed potato chips or just left plain.  Bake in a greased and covered dish at 350 for 30-45 minutes. (or a crockpot would do)  Add some biscuits and mashed sweet potatoes and iced tea.

Can also be frozen for the ultimate convenience (move over Stouffer's!) or emergency meal delivery to someone in need.  Don't forget to boil the bones for genu-wine chicken broth!  This bird is giving it's all...

This is comfort food. :-)