Friday, November 1, 2013

Promise For The Day

The verse that got me through yesterday was:

"...Gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." 1 Peter 1:13

 Put on your uniform. 
 Pull on your big girl panties, so to speak. 
 Be realistic about your situation.  Neither despairing or blindly optimistic.
 Hope to the end.  That hope needs to be grounded in Jesus.  

This morning I fried an egg in some olive oil.  I really need the shot of protein first off.  (If Robert hadn't asked me to fix him some eggs first, I probably wouldn't have done this.  Thanks for the nudge, Babe!)

I also brewed both of us some delicious Samovar Tea  that my Honey Bunch bought me in Alaska.  It was sweetened with Nectresse, a sugar free substitute made from monk fruit.

I'm still in my jammies, not willing to do my work out just yet.  I really don't like my prenatal workout video.  Maybe I will borrow Sherry's this afternoon.  It's going to have to be small changes, over time.  I'm not quite ready to go all Paleo...

My devotions this morning were very tepid.  I went to bed mad at Robert over some trivial thing.  I tossed and turned all night, my arms and legs kept going numb.  I woke up rather surly.  

After trudging through Isaiah, and pushing through my devotional, Faith's Checkbook, I remembered that I had forgotten about Psalms.  To stay on "schedule", Psalm 17 should be next, but it was Psalm 16 that grabbed me.

"I will bless the LORD, who hath given me counsel; my (heart) also instructs me in the night season."

This time is just a season, not forever.

"I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.  Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall rest in hope." 

If I focus on what is wonderful about my God, I can't help but be happy.

"For thou wilt not leave my soul in (the place of the dead); neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy Once to see corruption.  For thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore."  

 My Father knows where I am at.  He's not going to leave me here.  Christ had to go through the absolute and literal pains of death and separation from his Father so that I never will.  He really was forsaken.  I am not.  He is going to show me the path of life, the next step to take.  His presence is the definition of joy.  Today,I will bless the Lord.