Wednesday, October 9, 2013


How to cut your little boys hair:

1. Put it off as long as you can

2. Round them all up while they are still half asleep and in p.j's/underwear

3. Run a bath for little sister (this will keep her out of the fallen hair. We hope)

4. Set up the tall bar stool next to the tub and in front of the large mirror.  Little boys love to see themselves in the mirror.

5. Set out the WalMart-special-color-coded-a-monkey-could-do-this* clipper set, being careful not to drop and break the special comb clippy thingies, again!    *so called because it usually looks like a monkey did do it...

6. Place the youngest victim, er, client on the stool.  Threaten with loss of ears and other assorted appendages.  Let him pick the length of clip guard.

7. Switch to your preferred length when he's not looking.

8. Shave a mohawk, just for fun.

9. Even it all out, once he's finished grinning in the mirror.

10. Dump in the tub with little sister.  Toss hairy underwear in the washer.

11. Repeat steps 6-10 until you run out of shaggy boys.

12. Sweep up hair, rinse out tub, wash every other surface, shake and wash rugs, sweep once more and mop.

13. Repeat step one indefinitely