Saturday, August 10, 2013

Week In Review

It's been a pretty busy week around here.  I was glad to make my piano lesson on Monday.  First time in a month!  I am so glad to be feeling better.  One day last week, I definitely felt first trimester sick.  The next day, I felt second trimester better!  And just in time, too.

This week we had Vacation Bible School.  The theme was The Effectual Call of God.  The kids learned about Jonah, Peter and Paul and how they responded to God's call in their life.  It's the first year that I did not teach.  And I loved it!  I am so happy that there are several "younger" girls willing to step up and take part in this ministry.  And it doesn't bother me one bit that for the first time, I thought of someone else as being "younger" thus making me "elderly".  I am so happy that my sister has moved out here and is part of the church now.  God is good.

Last night we had our annual Summer Birthday Sleepover.  Alvin's birthday is in June, Dee's in July and Cy's in August.  Instead of having three parties, we have one ginormous sleepover.  God has blessed our church with good friends for all the kids.  So,  6 guests+4 of our own=10 wild hooligans. We made pizza, then I ordered a backup pizza with two orders of bread sticks.  I made a chocolate cake, that we have yet to dig into.  We guzzled root beer.  9 boys attacked Robert all at once.  Hold on, actually it was only 8.  Matt documented the mugging on video.  Robert held his own though.  And only one child was stepped on.  Fortunately it was one of mine.  And it wasn't serious.  We opened gifts.  We watched Muppet Treasure Island and Finding Nemo.  We, meaning everyone but me.  I dozed on the couch.  There was a mad scramble to find couch and floor space for everyone.  But finally all were settled in their own nooks.  One boy even brought his own sheets.  That is planning!  Robert cleaned the kitchen at midnight, while I luxuriated in my own cool bed.  And I didn't even feel guilty.  The dawn's early light brought more wrestling and hijinks.  But Rob and I were safe in our locked bedroom.  After a breakfast of Coco Drops (Thank you, Amanda!) and banana bread, all males headed outside to play with fire. (under adult supervision, of course)  Last time I looked out the window, the brush pile was smoldering and boys were running hither and yon with wheel barrows looking for more sticks to throw in.  Nothing like friends and fire to make a forced labor chore turn into a grand competition.

I went to see my OB this week.  That is always the highlight of my month.  I'm serious!  I get to sit in a quiet room and read.  Then I get to visit my doctor and ask all sorts of questions and see my baby.  I've always loved going to see the doctor.  Any doctor.  Such a great opportunity to learn something.  This was a great visit.  My Dr, whom I will call Dr Silver, took the time to actually sit down and visit with me about Bakri balloons and B-Lynch sutures and uterine arterial embolization.  I was in heaven.  Just getting to talk all this out and making sure he knows where I'm coming from, and I know what his plan is makes all the difference in the world.  I feel much more peaceful.  I know I can trust God and I can trust God to move through Dr Silver.  I feel twenty times better than I did this time last month.  Dr Silver keeps exhorting me to not worry and read so much.  But educating myself is the one thing I can do.  And it works.  I'm no longer as fearful of a hysterectomy.  And, as he points out, it is possible that everything will actually go right.  Just because the last two pregnancies ended in massive hemorrhage doesn't mean this one will.  OK, I don't actually believe that.  But that's alright.  I'd rather be prepared for the worst case scenario and be surprised by the best case scenario.

So, that was my week.  Time to start trying to pull the house together and gear up for school to start in the next week or two.  I guess I'll have to make an obligatory back to school post.  Stay tuned...