Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's been a great week here in OKC.  I think I've had all the vacation I can take, which is a very good sign that we had fun!

The kids have watched enough television to last them several months.

I have eaten enough candy bars to permanently raise my blood sugar.

The kids consumed enough candy, cookies, strawberry soda, doughnuts, ice cream and popsicles to put them in a  coma.

We went swimming, even though the pool was fuzzy in places.  I'm sure it's cleaner than the ponds I grew up swimming in, though.

The zoo was a blast!  We took our time and probably only saw a third of it.  But, that's how we roll.  I'd rather the kids get to spend quality time watching whatever captures their interest than to madly rush from one point to the next.  Some of the highights were, the mommy and baby elephant (Elle), the herpataruim with anacondas, pythons and king cobras (Cy), the tropical fish tank complete with Nemo and a phantom octopus (only Alvin could see the octopus, does it really exist? Who knows...)  and the Safari Voyage (Dee).  We returned home hot and sunburned and wet and thoroughly exhausted, but happy.  (The exhibit that stands out to me was the wasted group of gothic youths that stumbled through.  But they were the ones putting themselves on display)

We spent plenty of time visiting with various grandparents, which was really the whole point.  My Grandma Joan is recovering from a knee replacement, so we went to visit her in the hospital.  Later that day we went out to see my Kimball grandparents in Harrah.  Dee came up and whispered to me "These are old fashioned grandparents!"  I wish I could spend more time with them.  I have so many happy memories of weeks spent with them.  Helping grandpa with the chores, taking care of goats and sheep, building projects, picking blackberries.  Grandma teaching me how to sew and cook for a crowd, quilting days, hanging out laundry, telling scary stories about Indian graves and screaming panthers...  All four of my brothers got to come, which is really rare.  We had a grand time.  Later, Grandma put on some old home videos of our History presentations.  We relived the glory days of our dramatic careers.  Moses, Louis Pastuer, Robert E. Lee and The Three Stooges were some of historical characters we portrayed in plays and monologues and homemade costumes.  Here with my husband's parents, the kids have been dragging old junk and treasures out of the closets and begging for stories about what it is and where it all came from.

I'm so thankful for this time to rest and visit old memories and make new ones.  But, it's time.  Time to get back home and finish putting up the apples.  Time to give my husband a big, fat kiss.  Time to finish out last year's remaing math and English lessons in time to start this years books.  Time to start packing for an epic journey to Alaska! 

Time for me to go change a diaper...