Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off To Urgent Care We Go

Am I the only one who thinks Snow White's dwarfs are creepy?

Yesterday, I had the privilege and pleasure of watching 11 kids.  All at once.  It was actually a lot of fun.  The boys had a rousing game of Cops and Robbers... "We need a murderer and we need a victim!"  The girls helped me sort apples by rotten, wormy and passable.

All was going well until Dee hobbled into the kitchen gasping, "I'm dead, I'm dead!  The pitchfork stabbed me!"

I could see the top of his foot was bloody.  I figured there might be a puncture wound or two.  I helped him hop to the bathroom where I could clean the wound and see what was going on.  The shock was wearing off and full fledged panic settling in.  For him, not me.  Once I got some of the blood wiped away, I could see this was no puncture wound.  It was a 3 inch by 1 inch gash.  I could see the flesh beneath.  By this time, Dee was full on screaming and flailing any time I even looked at him with a peroxide soaked cotton ball in hand.

Eventually I got the wound rinsed and patted dry.  I had the other kids turn on a video and Dee settled down on the couch to wait until the mothers could come and pick up their children.  Robert came home in time to watch Elle and Sherry took Cy and Alvin home with her.

As Dee limped out the door I remarked, "Hey!  We get to have time together, just me and you.  How fun!"  He snorted contemptuously, "You call this fun?"  Where's his sense of adventure?

By the time we reached the Urgent Care center, Dee had chilled enough to fall asleep.  Thankfully, it was not very busy and they got us right in.  The nurse commented admiringly that this was the worst cut he'd seen all day.  Dee smiled in gratification.  When they asked if he cried when it happened he said No, without blinking.  I guess what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.  By the time the doctor swept into the room, white coat and all, Dee was thoroughly entranced.  He watched with great interest as they cleaned, numbed and stitched the laceration.  He got 5 stitches in all!  A new family record...

Next, we went to WalMart for his antibiotic prescription.  I let him get a (free) cookie from the bakery, then select some candy from the checkout line.  He got the nasty bubble gum tape.  I had to run by Roy's Chicken anyways, so I bought him a piece of chunk chicken.  Just for him.  He smiled from the back seat and pronounced this a "very fun day!"

I guess being injured isn't so bad after all.