Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Actually Happened

Here's the good, bad and the ugly of how the day actually shook out:

*Yelled at Dee for spraying the shower water all over the bathroom floor and soaking 6 towels.

*Changed a dirty diaper.

*Recognized that Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is not very cheery mood music.

*Wipe some of the mold out of the shower with a used washcloth on my way to the laundry room.

*Scratch the biscuits, we're having toast.

*Cleaned off 3 inches of grease from the stove.  Rob fried chicken last night. 'Nuf said...

*Switched out laundry.

*10 minute computer break!!!!!!!!!!!! (my forced labor slaves are allegedly cleaning the breakfast
 table) -update- alleged is a good word, cuz evidently it never happened.

*Did I say 10 minute break?  I meant 20 minutes...

*Cleaned a bathroom!

*Disciplined kids for wanton destruction and miscellaneous hitting

*Family worship, obviously too little, too late

*Studied Japanese karate terms with Cy to prepare for his yellow belt test next week

*Sneaked peeks of hysterectomy videos on you tube

*Switch out laundry


*Waxed hateful as we skid (scudded?) out the door.

*Made it to the library.  Mass pandemonium.  I hide with the two littles in the kiddie section whilst the two older ones participate in the scavenger hunt.  Their reward, a "dirt" scratch and sniff bookmark, which makes me sneeze.  Oh, and jump ropes.  I'm hearing snatches of "The Hanging Tree" in the background.

*Snow cones.  Ahh, yeah!

*Water park.  Cy responds to trash talking black kid by saying "If you know karate then surely you know what a zikuda dachi is."  That's my boy!

*Walmart.  Done.  It wasn't pretty.  But it's done.

Coloring rainbows and idllyic naps clearly aren't in the cards for me today.  But, really it's been a pretty good day.  I feel like I did some special, out of the ordinary things with my kids.  And (using "grandma money" for the snow cones) they didn't cost anything other than gas and effort.  And it kept me from obsessing over uteri all day.  And that's worth it.