Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maniacal Monday, Truculent Tuesday

I used to call my Mondays "Manic Monday".  Partly because it's the name of a song, partly because I like alliterations.  But mostly because that's what it  was.  After a day of forced rest on Sunday, (Thou Shalt Take An Hour Long Nap On Sundays...) the kids and I would be rarin' to go on Monday.  I would frantically dismantle the house, clean it within an inch of it's dusty life and go to bed exhausted, yet triumphant.

Then we started karate class on Monday nights.

No biggie, I would plan an easy dinner, go light on school and still could clean the house before we left the house at 5:30.

Then came the opportunity to start piano lessons.

OK.  I can do this.  I'll soak the beans in the morning, throw them in the crockpot at noon.  Practice the piano like a maniac after breakfast.  Print off our math lessons and tie the kids to their chairs until they get done.  Wash three loads of laundry.  Only dry two of them.  Do my workout so I can retain a tenuous grasp on my sanity.  Have we actually eaten breakfast yet?  Oh well, it's almost 11, so we can have a brunch.  I need a nap.  I wonder what's going on on Facebook.  No!  Must. resist. computer.  Clean the bathroom instead...  Is Glenn Beck saying anything interesting?  Oh my goodness!!  It's 2:30!  I still haven't practiced the piano!!  Is Cy's gi dry yet?  Everyone find your shoes!  No, you may not wear snow boots, it's 130 degrees outside.  Where are your library reading logs?  Where is my phone?  Where is the baby?  

We leave the house, 10 minutes late.  But that's OK.  I'm still 5 minutes early for my lesson.  Time for some girl talk.  I'm so engrossed in visiting with my friend that I don't realize her son finished his lesson 5 minutes ago.  I am now 5 minutes late for my lesson.

Once my lesson is over we have 15 minutes to kill until time to leave for karate.  I just want to bask in the sun.  Aaack!  We need to leave in 3 minutes!  Cy, go change into your gi. Don't worry, your ambient heat will dry it in no time.  Dee, get your shoes on.  Dee, get your shoes on.  Dee!!! Forget your shoes, just get in the van.

I skid into the library parking lot.  Bail out of the moving van, roll on the pavement and sprint through the electric doors.  Scanning the field, I spot my book on Homer on the reserve shelf.  I nab it, maneuver through the checkout line and make a timely egress.  Elapsed time, 00:03:34  SEAL Team Six would have been jealous.

Cy makes his karate lesson, only 3 minutes and 34 seconds late.  Not bad.

An hour later we are ready to wend our way homeward.  After I go to the bank and the gas station.

8:00, home at last!  Time for supper.  Lucky, organized me has dinner hot and ready in the crockpot.  Ha! Ha!

The beans are still tough...

I pull out the frozen pizza.

8:30, Rob walks in the door.  I inform him I am taking my pizza and my book and getting in the tub.  I am officially off duty.

9:00,  I hear the water running in the kitchen, he must be doing the dishes.  I have the best husband in the world!

9:15  Well, at least the dishes are rinsed and neatly spread all over the cabinet now.  He's still a pretty good husband.

9:16  I wonder what's going on on Facebook?

9:17  No! Must. Resist. Computer.

9:20 Set the timer for 10 minutes.  You can do anything for 10 minutes.  And in 10 minutes I:
Placed two pieces of foil over pizza and put pizza in the fridge
Dipped out a mess of beans for Rob's lunch tomorrow
Unloaded the dishwasher
Loaded only the dishes that are in the sink
Shined my sink!

10:00  Go to bed and read a little more.  The kids have long since been sent to bed, whiny, sticky and overtired.

Which leads me to Truculent Tuesday.  Here is a dictionary definition: 
Eager or quick to argue or fight; aggressively defiant.

That's why at 10:08 a.m. I am still in my pajamas, blogging.  I am aggressively defiant to the idea of getting anything done today.