Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dee!

Happy Birthday to my curious and independent Dee!

We kicked off his 6th birthday with snuggles in bed, then a rousing breakfast of Cap'n Crunch.  The breakfast of geriatric pirate champions everywhere!

Next on the roster of fun, fun, fun we loaded up and hit the Hardesty library for a Paul Mesner puppet show.  The last show was a blast, he uses these large and complex puppets, capable of spitting up hairballs, no less.  I knew we would be a teeny bit late.  No biggie, I'm always a teeny bit late.  But then I had to do an emergency refueling op.  Then I went a mile too far north, and hit every red light for the next 7 miles west.  The red lights were spaced 1/4 of a mile apart.  We took the very last parking spot available, way out in the back 40.  I was packing a good 30lbs in my book bag.  Gabby refused to walk, Dee decided it would be funny to swing, Tarzan like off my 10 lb purse.  "Look, ma!  There's a parking spot right next to the front door you could have had. Ha, ha, ha!"  Ha.

The attendant at the door looked at us a little funny, but said that there might be some seats in the far back corner.  There was one empty row.  Score!!!!

We got settled and shushed and tried to decipher the in progress story line.  Approximately 2 minutes, 40 seconds later the lights come on and everyone wildly applauds whilst I do some fancy math in my head.  I must have written the wrong time down on the calendar.

The good news: There is another showing after lunch.

The bad news:  We already know how it ends.

Hairy Man doesn't actually eat Wiley.  Shhhh.

After battling our way through the hordes of frazzeled day care workers to get to the car, (feeling a bit like a day care worker myself)  it was most definitely time for lunch.  I had intended that we would go to Mazzio's in Broken Arrow, then to the B A library for a primer in Broken Arrow history.  But Dee elected to return to Hardesty for the second showing of "Wiley and Hairy Man."  And it's his birthday, after all.

So, I whip out my handy dandy Trac Phone, textless but equipped with the internet, none the less.  411 Search indicated there was a Mazzio's just up the road.  I could not find it.  I dialed the number listed.  Well!  Just because they moved and I'm the 39,857th person to inquire is no reason to be snappy.  Sheesh!

I eventually found a quaint little Mazzio's at 51st and Sheridan.  The kids loved the old timey atmosphere.  Dee ate nothing but cheese sticks and cinnamon bites.  He was happy.

We made sure to get back to the library with plenty of time to spare.  The librarian had informed me that the next show began at 2, but I should be there by 1:30.  I arrived at 1:45, only to learn that it actually began at 2:30, but the doors don't open until 2:15.  We wait.

It was an excellent program, the kids had a blast.  We came home and I made Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes, IHOP style.  Robert called ahead that he was desperately ill and in need of some homemade chicken noodle soup.  I made that too.  Now it's time to settle in and watch classic Batman with Adam West.  I'm certain caped avengers in tighty-whities will gambol about the living room until way past bedtime.  You only turn 6 once, after all!