Friday, June 28, 2013

The Piano Teacher's Dilema

It has recently occurred to me that piano teachers must be some of the most tortured creatures in the world.  I have found them to be, without exception, sensitive and delicate souls.  Urged on by a love of the sublime, they pursue their passion, their one desire, to bring beautiful music to the world.  To take in the hand the eager young minds and teach them the sacred craft, the immortal art of melody.

Then reality comes crashing in on the jammed keys of dissonance and dischord...  How tragic, to be doomed to a life of "Mary Had A Little Lamb" pecked out haltingly by three different people, three times a day, three days a week.

To all the piano teachers in my life, my sincerest apologies.  Thank you for your patience, your tireless instruction, your boundless faith in the human spirit that someday, somewhere, someone of your pupils will actually progress to "Row Row Your Boat".

I hope to be that pupil.