Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meals of Opportunity

We were blessed to get to go to Oklahoma City this weekend.  It was really great to see our families.  On the way home, we stopped by Pop's.  A really cool concept, this Route 66 gas station has every kind of soda pop imaginable.  And a great number that should have been left unimagined, such as Ranch Dressing Soda, and Peanut Butter Soda...  I got a spicy Ginger Beer to swig on the way home as I read my book du jour, "Atlas Shrugged".

Once we arrived home, about 2:30, I rested a bit.  Noodled around on the internet a bit.  Started a load of laundry.  Polled the family what we should eat for dinner.  Made a weekly meal plan.  Went to the store.  Pumped 16 gallons of gas for Robert's lawn mower.  Came home and unloaded groceries.  Proceeded to put away groceries.  As I did so, several opportunities presented themselves.  Since I had bought 2 5lb tubes of ground beef (at $2 per lb, I might add!)  I went ahead and started processing 1 of those tubes into meals.  (I shoved the other tube in the freezer)  First I measured out 3 lbs into my large kettle and added 3 lbs of turkey meat to brown. Turkey meat is a great way to stretch one's beef!  I mushed the other 2 lbs into Salisbury Steak patties and stuck them in the freezer to be used this next Friday.  After the meat was browned, I measured out 2 cups of beef  each into 5 ziplock bags to be frozen.  This will save me at least 20 minutes next time I need a pound of cooked ground beef.  I used the last 2 cups of meat in the pan to make tacos for tonight's dinner.  While the beef cooked, I took 3 eggs out of the carton that needed to be put away and boiled them for tomorrow's tuna salad.  I also took the warm, rotisserie chicken out of it's sack and deboned it for Tuesday's meal. (South of the Border Chicken Stew)  Then I made a large bowl of pico de gallo, which I intend to eat from most of the week.  I also mashed last weeks pinto beans into this weeks supply of refried beans for burritos.

It is now 10:26 pm.  I have bathed two toddlers.  I brought the dumpster up from the road.  I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and brushed two sets of teeth.  The kitchen awaits.  I blog.