Friday, May 17, 2013

Small Beginnings

Not a very auspicious start for my blog, I'm afraid.  I should be folding 4 loads of laundry, sweeping the two day layer of crud from the kitchen floor and interacting meaningfully with my children.  Simultaneously.

I actually was on my way to brush my teeth (in hopes of waking up enough to finish the aforesaid tasks) when this arm leaped through the computer screen and pretty much forced me to set up this blog.  Why now, at 9:29 pm on a Friday night when I still have a movie and popcorn date in our living room scheduled, and I actually really need to go to the bathroom, and there about 20 more tasks floating around on my mental to-do list?  Because now is the time.  And that is how everything else happens around here.  From dinner to dusting, math to mopping, buying a house to giving birth: everything happens in it's own time.  Sometimes it makes sense.  Often it just feels right and there is no other explanation needed.  I have no idea if a blog is even a good idea.  Would anyone even want to know what floats around in my spaghetti brain and what we had for dinner or which birth video I think is fantastic?  I guess it's time to find out.  And is this a totally lame title?  I guess time will tell for that one too.  I'm fresh out of coherent thoughts for now.  One thing is for sure, tomorrow is another grand adventure...